About Brancale

Bringing back the cycling brand worn by winners of the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia...

Brancale was one of the most iconic Italian cycling brands during the second half of the 20th century. The company's products were worn by the winners of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and other grand tours. They were also seen everywhere in the professional peloton during the one day classics such as Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, especially the Brancale leather “hairnet” helmets. Some of the best early cycling shoes were made by Brancale.  

Rebirth of Brancale

Recently, Brancale was reborn as a United States-based cycling apparel company. This new incarnation of Brancale will look a lot like the old one. We will make most of Brancale's products where they used to be made: in Europe. In an era when it is increasingly rare, Brancale is committed to making its apparel in countries with a rich heritage of the sport of cycling. 

A core tenet of our company is to produce Brancale apparel using the best European specialty craftspeople. This will honor Brancale's heritage and result in superior quality products. Currently, our cycling shoes and apparel are made in Italy in a small village in the north of the country. Our leather cycling gloves are made in both Italy and England. We've even decided to make a few of Brancale's accessories in the United States, to celebrate the company's new roots.   

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"So far I find the shoes quite comfortable and like them very much." - Bike Snob NYC, July 2020 review

"Brancale's Dynamic II shoes...are without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes I've worn on the bike." - Cycle EXIF review

"Thus the Dynamic's sophisticatedly simple grey aesthetic has been kept, as have the iconic Velcro straps. Only now those straps number three, not two, the grey uppers are now Lorica (a lighter, more durable synthetic material than the original's leather), and the sole is carbon fibre. Reflective detailing on the toe and heel is a nice, understated twist, and happily the Dynamic II's have retained their Italian provenance." - Cyclist Magazine (UK)

"Now Brancale is back, with the Dynamic II, based on that original shoe. While the shoe may still be gray and use Velcro closures, it's a thoroughly modern take...and, like the original, the Dynamic II is made entirely in Italy." - Peloton Magazine

First Look: The Brancale Dynamic II - Video - "This leather cycling shoe is a high-style throwback" - Bicycling Magazine

"Brancale calls the color Cognac, a rich brown that has only improved with a year's use. I like it. It recalls deep chairs, cold nights, a small glass of something good. My other cycling gloves don't do that." - Caley Fretz, VeloNews

Tested: Brancale's Beautiful Leather Cycling Gloves "...its most striking product pays tribute to the brand's legacy in leather: short-finger and long-finger gloves...because leather acquires character as it ages, and absorbs the ravages of water, sweat, grease and abrasion, devotees will happily pay more for a product that has not only a longer life than fabric versions, but also a more beautiful one." - Bill Strickland, Bicycling Magazine

"We recently picked up a pair of Brancale's leather cycling gloves and were instantly impressed. Handmade from premium African hair sheep leather, the gloves have an ultra-soft, buttery feel. Moreover, the leather is naturally breathable and surprisingly tough given its softness...While it's tempting to keep the gloves in pristine shape, they're even better once broken-in and will become a second skin after a couple long rides." - Hans Aschim, CoolHunting

"Brancale is back with a new line of premium road cycling gear. The SportWool Summer Cycling Jersey is constructed from a thin layer of blended polyester and merino wool that is both breathable and naturally odor resistant." - Gear Patrol

"[Brancale has] brought to market a long sleeved SportWool jersey at a level to match, continuing its tradition of meticulous design and Italian craftsmanship." - Anna Schwinn, BikeRumor.com

*Photo credits: Graham Watson